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A hassle-free way to create your marketplace!

Xkart is an ideal platform innovated with collaborative efforts of the developers and designers from around the world. It is the best e-commerce solution where independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. We deliver an enriching customer experience with backend designs, frontend designs, and website management capabilities.

E-commerce Features
Customized Designs
Make your website enjoyable to get the most benefits from its designs and features. You get to customize not just the design but also promotional emails and newsletters. The site will be useful for e-commerce, driven by best practices.
Product Management
Our technology will assist you in managing existing as well as new product information. Product reviews and ratings will help customers make the right decisions. The unified features will remove problems of product listing and management.
Multi-Vendor System
The XKart allows each manager to manage his inventory and have command over product price, delivery time, delivery charges, and much more.
Marketing Features
The marketing features are focused on selling and promotion that will help in increasing user base and sales. Advertisement modules allow sellers to promote their products on the homepage.
Reporting and Analytics
You can analyze your past performances and plan for the future based on it. The data will help you make improvements for a better sale. You can promote sales through discount coupons, special discounts, etc. You can also study more about your customers by studying top searched products, social media analytics, etc.
Mobile Application
XKart mobile applications will let your customers place orders using favorite devices. It will allow you to offer your customers instant access.
Multiple Revenue Streams
1Touch allows you to open various revenue channels for e-commerce business. You can also manage business ads to create revenue through each click, promote particular sellers, and affiliate with companies that compliment your business.
Various Payment Options
There are plenty of payment options on this platform. Credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, payment gateways, and cash on delivery are various options for your customers to make payments.
How Will This Platform Benefit You?

The worldwide expansion of the internet has transformed trade and store transactions. The availability of all things online has changed the way people shop. This market is only expected to grow in the coming future. Easy availability of products, home delivery, discounts, and the ability to shop without moving out of the house has driven people towards e-commerce. Doing business in this field only means profit and growth for the entrepreneurs. 

The stats prove it all

Source https://letstalkaboutmoney.com/ecommerce-statistics/

  • Worldwide retail ecommerce will reach $4.9 trillion by 2021.
  • 95% of shopping will be facilitated by ecommerce by 2040.
  • World of ecommerce to hit 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021.
  • 58% of people chose to shop online because of the ability to shop 24/7.
Core Features
Language is no more a barrier now. Our language features allow you to translate and edit content to the language of your choice.
The chat feature will let the user contact sellers, and the buyers can find their conversation in the inbox.
The users can request to book, and sellers can send special offers. The buyer can also decline or accept the offer.
The dashboard will give you an insight to the most-viewed items, total sales, and total revenue in a graphical representation.
Ratings and Reviews
Our built-in review system will help you generate a positive reputation for your marketplace. It will further help in ensuring quality control of products and services.
What Makes Us Unique

Appealing themes and templates
Our themes and templates are beautiful, simple, and clean. There are several options you can choose from according to your needs, and all pages look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Regular feature updates

Our team makes continuous improvements to the list of features to provide you with the best. We also update you regularly about the new features so that you do not miss any.

Customer support

1Touch is a Miami based team with partners in South America, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, and Russia. We know that there could be doubts and confusion in the marketplace; therefore, we are always here to support you. Our team is still there to answer all your questions.

Build for integration

Making a marketplace your own is crucial. Our tools will enable you to make edits to layouts and add widgets to your marketplace.


We want our services to reach out to all sizes of businesses. We do not hurry in asking for payments when you start building a marketplace. You can have free trials and pay when you are ready.

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Managing Director
“Feature-rich eCommerce solution that is well organized and easy to use. Our business is skyrocketing since we started using it.”


Chief Operating Officer
“Fast, simple, and cost-efficient setup. Our app was up and running in just three days with all the integrations and features we required.”


Product Designer
“Easy to use eCommerce solution that helps customers shop on the go. It is a light and customizable platform with innovative features such as multiple revenue streams for business owners, analytics, and in-app chat.”
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