Let Your Marketplace Help Service Providers and Service Seekers Connect!

We help you build a service marketplace that can further turn out to be beneficial for service providers and service seekers all around the globe. We let you create a marketplace that is both economical and appealing.

Who is involved

Service Seekers

They bring in money by hiring service providers to get the work done.

Service Providers

They are experienced professionals who offer their skills and time in return for money.

Marketplace Owner

It is you who earns profit in the form of service fees and website ads.
Let People Discover and Post Tasks Never Like Before!

Task searching and task posting are crucial for every service marketplace. The designs by our professionals will help in easing both these processes. Posting tasks even by the new users will be a matter of a few clicks. On the other hand, service providers would easily be able to search for tasks in your service marketplace. It will save both time and energy and simultaneously build confidence in your marketplace. 

Service Marketplace Features
Instant Communication Between Seekers And Providers
Communication through emails may not clear all the doubts, therefore, creating confusion. The chat functionality will let the seekers and providers communicate instantly and clear all their doubts and details on the spot.
Bidding Made Easy
Posting and replying to bids can prove to be a hectic task for both the providers and seekers. Our smart bid management functionality will help in bidding like never before that saves both time and energy.
Protected Payments
You cannot make profits unless you receive payments. We make sure that the payments are protected to save you from any fraud. Our built-in wallets come with enhanced security so that your payments are secured. Our advanced solutions are built to make the seekers feel safe before making payments.
Reviews For Better Hiring
What is the other better way to know the quality based on reviews and ratings? Reviews and ratings will help see the work quality and delivery, therefore, making it easy for both providers and seekers to choose. It will further build a reputation for your marketplace by providing transparency.
How Will This Benefit You?

There has been a vast increase in the numbers of contractors and freelancers. The rise of smartphone apps, online marketplace, and cloud computing has made it easy for skilled workers to take up independent and create their workplace. The freelancers obtain training from colleges and universities, are self-taught, and a few learn on the job.

Source https://advancedconsult.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/example-3.pdf

  • For Europe, the number of gig workers are 8.9 million. 
  • India’s independent workforce is 15 million and that of the USA is 53 million.
  • Total addressable market for the gig economy is $1.5 trillion, with over 77 million freelancers currently operating in Europe, India, and the US.
Why 1Touch



Production Manager
“This platform has it all. For our business, it is an integral part now. Features are great. We are able to connect with our audience more quickly. ”


“The app is great. We launched our business from home using its business model, and today we are earning excellent revenues. The team also offers fantastic customer service. ”


Managing Director
“It is an affordable solution to launch a business from anywhere in the world. The developers are offering regular updates in the app, which are making it even better. We can't ask for more! ”
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