Effects of technology advancement on the businesses and why move forward with it

Can you imagine a world without technology? A world without phones, computers, and the internet. Technology has brought not just the globe together but has a big hand in the growth of businesses. Imagine where communication is also tough without technology, then how difficult it will be to run a business and reach out to the world. Earlier, managing a business was a huge challenge. Looking after each aspect of the business all by yourself can create chaos. The biggest hurdle was to make the audience aware of your existence and gaining customers.

As technology evolved, the functioning of businesses changed dramatically. From handling projects, attracting customers, managing employees, and awaking the audience about your business is now all at your fingertips. Technology has shifted the workload from humans to the devices. It does not mean that it has replaced humans. Instead, it has brushed up their skills and acts as a helping hand in each business aspect.

What changes has technology brought
Communication with your customers

Your clients are an integral part of the business. Without them, there is no growth and success. Advancement in technology has made interaction with clients quick and precise. Email, messages, calls, newsletters, social media, there are several ways to communicate with them. You can send personalized messages and talk about your products and services and updates on them. 

Cutback in costs

Another advantage that technology has brought is a decrease in cost. Automation of tasks has not only sped up the work but also cut down various costs. The hardware and software crucial for business are affordable and easy to use. A back end inventory system that was costly and took lots of time now takes a couple of weeks. 

Improved functionality

Tasks that took hours to complete and had the chances for human error are now done in seconds with the least risk of mistakes that can be easily tracked. Employees are now able to work even outside the office walls. Business meetings over the internet, the ability to work from anywhere, and tracking down the business performance has completely changed the way companies perform.  

Brand awareness

What could be an easy way to promote your brand and reach out to people worldwide? Technology has a solution for everything. Take your brand to the globe just from your office. Reach out to your customers, attract more people, and improve the sales bar. Advertising, campaigning, blogs, and articles will make people about your company’s products and services.  

Accept technology and move ahead with it

Businesses that build a gap between their work and technology can face poor performance and low profitability. In today’s world, where almost everything is dependent on tech, keeping yourself updated and implementing that technology in your business is vital. It is not here to replace humans but to help them. Increased efficiency, knowledge, tracking goals and reports, and saving time and energy are a few benefits of accepting the technology.  

From hiring employees to checking their performance, getting insights into the business, managing customers, you name it, and technology does it all in the best possible way.   

1Touch- Revolutionizing the business work with advanced technology

At 1Touch, we work with the latest technology and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and techniques. Our goal is to make technology affordable for both small and large businesses. We have a handpicked team that are masters in their work. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Analytics, our technology solves each problem for your business and improves its working. 


We work in all industries 

Healthcare, finance, education, retail, marketing, we work in all sectors. Our motive is that technology can reach each business to get the best out of it. One cannot run their business without technology. Hence we want to make sure that everyone gets their hands on the best technology no matter what industry they belong to. 

It will improve their business performance and benefit the customers and the industry as a whole. Better the technology, the better will be the results. It will improve their efficiency and save both their time and energy.   


Computer hacker taking a photo on the phone

Data visualization-the art for business growth

The art of data visualization

Each business needs to make thoughtful decisions based on the data, regardless of its size. Proper data visualization requires technical skills and the ability to represent the data into graphs, charts, and other visual formats to reach a definite conclusion. 

Talking about the businesses, no business can make practical decisions if they do not have sufficient and accurate data. The results of the data collected often influences the working and decisions made in a company. Data has changed the way businesses act and make decisions. 

Eliminate mistakes with the art of data

Without data, how do you know who your consumers are and what products do they like?

It can often be confusing while planning out the next move for your business. Before implementing the strategies, it is essential to know what population you are targeting and what problems you are trying to solve.

Data helps in identifying trends and patterns based on which you can design your goals. With the correct information, you can make sure that you hit the right audience and gain the maximum profit out of it.

Why does data matter so much?

Data is everywhere and is only gaining its importance day by day. It is seen that businesses that use data saw a profit increase of 8-10% and a 10% reduction in overall cost. Source

Finding new customers, increasing customer retention, improving customer service, and predicting sales trends are all possible with the help of data. It can further give you a lead in the market. 83% of enterprise executives say they have pursued big data projects to gain a competitive advantage. Source

1Touch revolutionizing the science of data

At 1Touch, we have a team of professionals who collect, analyze, and represent the data to help further you make the best decisions and strategies for your company growth. Using groundbreaking technology, we make sure that we gather the essential information from the bundles of data. 

Our state-of-the-art technology helps in finding the crux from ever-increasing data to help you skyrocket your business growth. At 1Touch, we have a hand-picked team of data scientists who are best at their work.