XYumm – Your Very Own Food Ordering And Delivery Platform
  • Flexible Solution
  • Simple To Use Mobile Apps
  • Thoroughly Customizable To Meet Your Needs
  • Attractive Interface
Transform The Food Ordering & Delivery Experience With XYumm

The local food vendors have trouble finding suitable solutions to connect with their customers who want to order food from their comfort zones. Also, tracking the orders and delivery is also a big challenge for the vendors as well as their customers. 1Touch provides the most straightforward marketplace that will completely transform your food ordering and delivery system. 

With our innovative platform, we empower the food vendors to maintain an unparalleled online presence, helping them gain more credibility among the customers.

Seller/Merchant App
XYumm is a flexible solution for the food vendors/merchants that want to grow their business online without having to deal with complex interfaces. Our app makes it easy for the sellers to launch offers and coupons too. We provide compelling In-App features to analyze your sales, order details, delivery tracking and chat support to the buyers.
Interactive App For Buyers
The intriguing interface of the mobile app for buyers makes it easy for them to explore the delights offered by popular food vendors in their area. The intuitive app interface is simple to find the offers and place the orders promptly. Our app has secure payment options that the buyers can use without worrying about payment security.
App For Delivery Crew
XYumm offers an exceptional mobile app for your delivery staff. Its interface is simple and enables the crew to manage the order delivery status, get directions to reach buyer/seller location, monitor in-app transactions, and much more.
Be An Entrepreneur With XYumm – Business Model

Empower people to order quality food at the convenience of their homes. Whenever a food vendor makes a sale
through your food delivery app, you earn a decent commission. 

How Does The Platform Work?
  • Launch your food-delivery-app
  • Invite vendors to sell through your app
  • The vendors will list their menus and can provide offers time to time
  • You make a commission out of each sale that goes through your platform.
Why Be A Food Delivery App Owner?
  • Revenue in the online food delivery industry is US$136,431 million in 2020. – Source
  • Online food delivery may reach $12.53 billion by 2023 – Source
  • Online orders at restaurants have increased at a yearly pace of 23 percent since 2013. The orders are likely to grow with triple volume by the end of 2020. – Source
Premium Features Of Our Seller/Merchant App To Enhance Your Services
Multi-Store: One Account For All Your Restaurants
XYumm allows merchants (vendors) to administer various restaurants through one account, hence simplifying your efforts to manage your business. The feature of adding admins & users to different restaurants provides an even more convenient way of online management.
Reviews & Rating System
We provide an easy to use review and rating system that will allow your users to leave feedback quickly. It will also help the customers to make their decisions regarding which delicacies they should try from your restaurant. This system will help you win more customers’ trust over your business rivals.
Multilingual Feature
The multilingual feature embedded in XYumm enables you to operate your online restaurant in any region of the world. Now don’t worry about the business expansion at all!
Skyrocket Your Sales With Innovative Marketing Modules
Our inventive marketplace is packed with innovative marketing modules to skyrocket your sales. The affiliate programs, online advertising options are super easy to use, and they ultimately empower you to get the best revenue in no time.
Discount Coupons
XYumm empowers you to run & manage customer loyalty programs with ease and grow your sales without any hassle.
Insights To Help You Understand The Customers
XYumm allows you to uncover deeper data-insights about your customers and take effective actions to provide them better services. These insights empower your business to make strategies for ultimate success.



“Our business is doing wonders with this food ordering and delivery platform. Simple to use and highly effective. Orders are coming in quickly! ”


Marketing manager
“ Xyumm provides a seamless way of running an online food delivery business. A flexible solution, which has enabled us to earn additional income by letting other food businesses sell through our app. ”


“Our customers like ordering their favorite foods using our new Xyumm app. It is not only easy for them but us as well. All our staff members can easily use it without much training. ”
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