Our research and development services carry out investigative activities for the improvement of existing products and procedures. We believe that research and development are vital for long term success. Our international research and development team are experts in machine learning, data science, and significant data engineering that leads your business into an era of innovation.

Working with 1Touch
Product evaluation & verification
We evaluate & verify your concepts

Do you have new concepts for products and want professional evaluation and verification of them according to the emerging market opportunities? Bring your concepts and ideas to our qualified international team and we will bring it to life through skills and advanced tools. This is the very first phase of our research and development services.

Redefine your existing products

It is essential to mold the products with the changing demands of your customers and R&D services can help with that. We empower the brands to redefine their existing products by developing cutting-edge approaches, and expanding audience-base. We also add a competitive edge to your products that are already rolled out in the market.

Agile software development approach
R&D services
Verification of Concept
Prototyping - R&D company
Verification of Concept

1Touch will craft the rapid model of your visionary product and it will verify your concept. Rapid modeling & concept verification takes 2 − 4 weeks.

What we do

  • Concept Study
  • Prototyping
  • Market Research
Innovation Research

We do a thorough examination of your concept according to our innovation sprints. During this research and development phase, we discover the most competent tech trends to expand your business, such as AI & IoT etc.

What we do

  • Feasibility research
  • Latest tech trends
  • Innovation sprints
App Development IT company
Rapid App Development
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