Product Design & Strategy

We create compelling digital products using the data-driven approach
We at 1Touch begin with why, consider the statistics, and design with innovation.

Product Strategy | IT service
Product Strategy | Software Development Service
Product Strategy

We bring your product’s concept to life by implementing our professional expertise to understand the user intent, hot trends, and feasibility of the concept. We recommend the trending technologies to shape your products to ensure that your idea will adhere to your business goals as well as customer needs. 

what we do

  • Product Idea Outlining
  • Competitive Research
  • Market Insights 
  • Roadmap Guidance

At 1Touch, we enhance productivity by collective workshops for all the experts indulged in the same projects. With the set of goal-oriented activities, our workshops support the team professionals to get all the answers related to product development. 

what we do

  • Design Sprint
  • Product Scoping Analysis
  • Design Approach Workshops
  • Product Designing
  • Scalability Sessions
Agile software development approach
Agile software development process
Product Strategy Framework

Our team creates the product strategy framework that helps them throughout the entire process to meet your end goals. From collecting user insights, finding clear objectives, conducting competitive analysis to getting market insights, the team does it all with perfection.

UX Design service
UX Design company
UX Design

The expert team at 1Touch transforms your product concepts into the exhilarating user experience. Our premises always meet real-world expectations via the iterative methods of product prototyping and validating. We aim to define the appropriate collection of features that deliver the maximum value to your target users.

what we do

  • User Experience Research
  • Customer Personas & Pattern
  • Design Blueprint
  • Prototyping of Product
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Structure
UI Design

Our team gives your product an ideal style that fascinates the target users and makes it way more striking than your competitors. Our visual design experts will not only turn your product’s look to extraordinary but also frame and enhance complete usability. We opt for the right ways to adhere to user expectations and keep them engaged with better modes of interactions.

what we do

  • Web & Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Motion Design & Interactions
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Brand Identity
  • User Interface for Voice interactions
UI Design strategy
UI Design service
User Experience Analysis - Design service
A/B Testing for software products
Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit is the crucial concept to have a thriving business. We provide excellent services to the firms for scaling up their existing products. Our data-driven techniques are based on the Build-Measure-Learn loop: from product performance evaluation with User Experience optimization and implementation of trending features to the validation of the informed decisions followed by the restricted release of the product and A/B testing.

what we do

  • User Experience Analysis
  • User Testing 
  • Data Analytics and review
  • A/B Testing

Our Product Design & Strategy Process

Concept Validation 

Whether you desire a unique new digital product or want to re-innovate the one that’s already in the market, the discovery stage is crucial to turn the products into real success. Our team takes the right amount of time to uncover essential bits like your aim and expectations, validates the concept premises, and ensures that we are all on the same page for product objectives. 

Competitive Research And Market Insights

With a precise product vision along with customer, competitive, and market insights, you can turn your dream product into success. So, the team at 1Touch digs deeper into the industry insights, analyzes the competitor strategies, studies the innovative trends, and your customers’ requirements. We discover brand-new opportunities for your venture and set up a competitive edge to the product.

Product Conceptualization And Wireframing

After understanding the key concept and gathering required insights, our team focuses on discovering innovative ideas. During our user-tailored workshops, we aim to better understand the unique personas of users, their journeys, uncover winning solutions, and wireframe the key features.

Product Prototyping

Our team works on the clickable prototype that reveals the power of your product, and this model also aids while testing out new ideas. Our iterative process provides agility to validate the concepts and minimize the risks of rolling out the product in the market and power up the product with valuable features to achieve your venture goals quickly. 

Product Optimization

The expert team at 1Touch runs the testing process even after the product launch to optimize the specific metrics, innovate business ideas, and implement features according to the new trends. We unearth the actionable insights from data to identify missed opportunities and focus on possible improvements for winning the market.

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