Product Consulting

Our team of international product consulting experts helps brands discover perfect solutions for marketing success

Improved Business Conversions

Our expert team at 1Touch helps the brands to understand the behavior of the prospects. We provide the best predictions using the insights to improve your products.

We uncover the meaning behind the insights for enhancing the user experience on your app. Our experts craft a promising engagement strategy to skyrocket your conversions by all means.

360-Degree Product Analysis

We uncover the 360-degree insights for analyzing your business app and in-depth context.

Our professionals in the mobile marketing domain conduct the process carefully based on the latest marketing tactics, previous data reports, competitor analysis, enterprise benchmarks, and your budget. We uncover the core features of your business app, set the KPIs, and uncover the prospect persons as well as users’ behavior while engaging with your app. 

Discovering User Flow

Most of the marketers fail while discovering and understanding the ideal flow of the users. They can’t determine the actual touchpoints and where the users are abandoning the app without completing their journey.

The team at 1Touch is exceptionally professional when it comes to discovering the user flow. We test various segments from registration on the app to searching or browsing it to make the right marketing decisions.

App Optimization

1Touch provides versatile app optimization services based on your custom requirements and app context:

Gamification Techniques

Team 1Touch is a pro at using the psychological gamification models for rolling your business apps into a viral product that’s powerful enough to share.

Attracting Customers To Come Back

We craft the strategies to provide your customers with the best experience so that they keep coming back for more exposure on the app.

Push Notification Approach

Our team is experienced in creating a compelling push notification approach to appeal to your potential users with the appropriate content at the right time.

Alternative Ways to Reach Audience

Our expert teams figure out the most reliable notification techniques that can work best for your business needs such as emails, in-app texts, social media, in-app notifications using Artificial Intelligence, and much more!

Advantages of Our Product Consulting
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