Mobile & Web Development

At 1Touch we promise to deliver the best quality products for our clients using the latest technology. Our team works hard to fulfill client’s needs and solve all problems of your customers.

Web development

As a part of the IT industry, we focus not only on coding but also on providing the best possible solutions for our clients. For this, we follow the best web development approaches available. Our approach towards a project helps build long-term relations with our customers. Our international team of web developers and designers build solutions using the latest web technologies that are secure, robust, and scalable.

Web solutions

Front-end development

Carefully arranged and structured, client-engaged, ultra-responsive, and rapid, cross-stage front-end layers. Our team of front-end developers work closely with designers to build web applications using dynamic technology.

Back-end development

Elite, adaptable, and secure back-end arrangements. The products are based on the latest technology, easy to maintain and use. Our team designs solid backends to accommodate and integrate advanced data structure and security.

Web design

Custom, completely responsive, a cutting-edge configuration under the most recent UI and UX patterns. The web solutions developed by us are feature-rich, highly functional, robust, and secure.


We are a top web development company to design web-based e-commerce solutions. Our services are open to all sizes of retail businesses and provide them with the ultimate online shopping experience.
Mobile development

1Touch is a team of experienced international developers and designers from around the world who can build mobile applications to reach out to your customers in the best way. The product we create is easy to handle, expand, and uses the latest technology and features. The products are made, keeping in mind the trends and needs of your customers.

Mobile solutions

Android development

Engineered to build native and universal apps for all android devices using the latest techniques. Our android app developers are experienced in building apps for all kinds of android devices. We choose the best technology to produce the best products for our clients.
- Experienced team with creative minds, - Advanced knowledge and technology to build applications, -Guarantee for best quality by QA test

Ios development

We design native and universal mobile applications for all ios devices that are incredibly fast, efficient, and well-designed to solve the problems of your customers. Our team of IOS developers is an expert in building mobile applications for all ios devices using the best technology.
- Experienced team with creative minds, -Advanced knowledge and technology to build applications, -Guarantee for best quality by code reviews

Cross-platform apps

Our cross-platform mobile apps offer multiple benefits to the clients and help them to reach a wider audience. Our team of professionals build affordable, high-quality, and versatile mobile apps with cross-platform technologies like Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap, Appcelerator’s Titanium, and Xamarin.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid applications combine web and native applications. It reduces the development cost, gives easy access to device data, and the ability to work offline. Our team develops hybrid apps with the latest frameworks.

Mobile design

We provide UI/UX solutions for all types of mobile apps. We combine our creativity and experience with building the most exceptional product for your customers.
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