Best Media Campaign Strategies to Reach Right Audience at Right Time

Better Brand Performance

We help brands achieve the goals with their expertise in crafting custom strategies for improved brand awareness and executing the plans in the right manner for maximum performance. Our team uses its vast experience to discover the optimum media campaign strategies that best suit your brand requirements. 

Custom Media Campaigns For Your Brand

Hyper Targeting

The team 1Touch thoroughly examines the behavior of your users and discovers the optimum timing and ideal ways to influence them. Every user will receive a highly targeted, customized message.

Revolutionary Remarketing

Our experts know that around 75% of users generally don’t use the apps after installing them on their devices. We help your brand reach those users by creating revolutionary remarketing tactics based on our expertise and needs of the customers. 

Mobile App Burst Campaigns

We know that your app will need X number of downloads per day for better organic ranking, and through burst campaigns, we can easily accomplish your goals. Our years of experience and A/B testing methodology has revealed what it takes to improve app visibility in the least amount of time. Our experts work on the strategic burst campaigns to boost up your app ranking. 

Brand Engagement

Our team utilizes the trending mobile channels for crafting viral, revolutionary, attention-worthy, and gamified media campaigns for attracting the majority of potential users.

Enhance Results With Our Innovative Technology

With our inventive in-house media-buy productivity apps and API integrations, the team at 1Touch helps your brand to achieve growth as per your KPIs. We build innovative programs for the optimization of custom campaigns, enabling your brand to have a competitive advantage.

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Advantages of Our Media Campaign Service
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