Artificial Intelligence

1Touch- A Miami based company with hand-picked international developers is empowering brands to automate their day-to-day tasks with AI-powered solutions

Working with 1Touch
Working with IT Service company 1Touch
Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Experts at 1Touch create smart AI solutions to help you automate the daily end-to-end tasks and improve your products. Autosuggestion systems, email spam & malware filtering, speech recognition, and medical diagnosis are a few real-life instances of our Machine Learning services. 

what we do

  • Deep Learning
  • Auto-suggestion Systems
  • Predictive Research & Analytics
  • Natural Communication Language Processing
Voice Assistants & Chatbots

Our team crafts smart personal assistants with AI-powered technology that empowers your brand seamlessly. Custom FAQ chatbots, virtual representatives for customer services, and compelling interfaces for voice-based user interfaces– are some examples of how our experts can make your business even smarter. 

what we do

  • Voice Assistant
  • Custom Chatbots
  • Natural Language Determination 
  • Conversational Design 
  • Voice-based User Interfaces
Agile software development approach
Agile software development process
Visual Prototyping IT service
Wireframing & Documentation IT service company
Data Science

Our team assists the businesses to discover patterns & examine them to extract relevant, actionable insights from data. Our Data Science Engineers tackle Big Data to unearth the hidden elements that can be crucial to your business, make optimum predictions, and work with behavioral analysis processes.

what we do

  • Data Mining 
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Extract, Transform, and Load
Computer Vision

The team at 1Touch crafts solutions that are smart enough to recognize objects, automatically categorize images and content indexing. This smart computer vision is to empower your products to attain perfect understanding from digital photos or videos. 

what we do

  • Object Recognition
  • Image Categorization
  • Indexing of Content
App Development IT company
Rapid App Development
Our AI experts analyze raw data and provide actionable insights for your business profits
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