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Should you look for quality or quantity while making backlinks for SEO?


Have you ever wondered why SEO experts always say that quality backlinks matter more than the quantity? A backlink is placed on a different web page that takes the reader to your website when clicked. These can be found on the characters, picture, or the URL. It means backlinks are the base of SEO. Our Social Media Advertising Services will help bring your website to the top and grab more traffic towards it with the best strategies and plans across all platforms.

Backlinks for users

Backlinks act as a connection between your website and the visitors as they lead the visitors to your website. Therefore, backlinks enhance the number of visitors and to your website

Backlinks for websites

The backlinks are now used to bring more traffic to the website and improve the ranking of a website in the keyword search rankings.

Why do backlinks matter so much?

Search engines have gained much popularity to bring the websites on the top and are a must for all who are looking to perform better. It is essential for any website that it attracts multiple readers towards it for better ranking and business performance. If seen from the perspective of SEO, backlinks determine the popularity of a website. Every time a website links to one of your pages, it means that the site has found them worthy of sharing with its audience. When SEO finds multiple backlinks pointing towards it, SEO concludes that the content is valuable and informative. Thus, the site gets a higher rating on the SERPs.

Quantity backlinks

When backlinks were introduced, websites focused on building multiple backlinks for ranking higher. It was done through blog commenting, footer links, and so on. The more backlinks a website had, the better chances it had to rank on the top. However, it has changed. The SEO now looks for the quality of a backlink than the quantity. It will be awkward if a website gets a hundred inbound links from unrelated sources. The rate at which you acquire links is also as crucial.

Why should the quality of backlinks be preferred?

Earlier, the website focused on linking more and more backlinks to their webpage. It leads to low-quality and non-relevant backlinks. The webpages focused only on raising the number of backlinks for the specific pages. This practice led to a low ranking of websites by using low-quality backlinks. Such backlinks have the risk of causing penalization to the website, leading to the elimination of the website from the search engine result page.

When a website wants to come in the top position, they might prefer raising the number of backlinks that lead to their website. It might not bring them the desired results due to various factors like location, quality, source, etc. Therefore, concentrating on good quality links will attract more people towards your website and turn them into valuable customers.

What describes backlink quality?

Now that we know the importance of quality backlinks to pull in more visitors and boost website ranking, we must also understand the factors that decide whether a backlink is of good quality. The quality of the backlink chooses the result for your website. Just adding several backlinks to different sources will not help you in SEO, but a few good-quality backlinks can do the work. Below are some points that can help to identify quality backlinks.

Location of backlink

The place where the backlink is placed is crucial. It should have a natural location on the page, like in context. Backlinks on the sidebar or footers should be avoided and placed in the right way.

Page relevance

A backlink cannot be placed on any page. Does the page where your website’s link is placed have relevant information as your page or not should be determined closely for the best results. Pages that have appropriate knowledge should be aimed for a better ranking.

Trustworthy sites

It is vital that your backlink is placed on trustworthy sites. A backlink from the untrustworthy sites can lead to negative SEO that can further bring your website down.

Diversity of link

There must be various backlinks from different sources within your backlink profile for good quality. You cannot have all your backlinks placed at one source and expect the website to rank higher.

Professional help to bring your website on top

Are you still confused about the backlinks and are wanting to bring your website to the top? Hire digital marketing consultants from 1Touch who will help you understand the process and the best ways to place your backlinks. Our highly skilled and experienced consultant will help you differentiate between good and bad backlinks and the techniques to work the best way.