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Enhance your creativity with these website designing trends

Have you noticed how fast the website designing trends have changed in the past few years? 2021 is just around the corner, and are you ready to welcome it with new, exciting, and creative web app designs?

Creative websites are the key to setting businesses apart from their market rivals, so the website designers need to stay updated with these trends to cater to their clients’ needs.

Here we gathered a list of the latest website design trends that will rule in 2021:

#1 Dark Modes

Dark modes come with a bunch of benefits for users, such as no eyestrain, intuitive looks, battery saving, etc. Nowadays, people prefer using dark modes, and most of the time, they use third-party plugins for this purpose. However, you can make it easy for website users by using CSS syntax called prefers-color-scheme to automatically change the website’s theme on the user’s end if they have enabled dark mode setting on their browser.

#2 Responsive Grids

Responsive designs have the potential to create that extraordinary appeal in front of the users. Modern internet users visit websites from various types of devices with different screen sizes. It has become essential to use Responsive Grids so that every element of the design and content fits right into the users’ screen. It is crucial to decide which features/elements need to be displayed on the smaller screens and then make each of that element responsive. That’s why Responsive website design services have become popular these days.

#3 Motion-UI

With motion-UI on a website, you can easily make a web design look different instantly. It is fun, attractive, and can nudge users to take the desired activity on your client’s website. However, we recommend using this feature in a limited manner, as too much of it can turn out to be a mess.

#4 White Space

Do you want to create a simple design without making any mess? If yes, white space can be your best bet. Use white space carefully, and you will be able to add unparalleled value to your website’s visual design. It also empowers the users to understand the content and elements on your web page clearly. If the white space is not used properly, the users can consider multiple elements to be a single entity.

#5 Minimalistic Design

Creative website design is much more than the use of loads of images and style elements. It is a way of attracting user attention so that they take desired actions quickly. Minimalistic web design can help you create a smooth, fast-loading interface for users as it will require very few CSS elements and Javascript.

#6 Illustrations

It does take the perfect blend of quality illustrations and other design elements to take the web design on another level. Digital illustrations, when created with passion and certain themes, can change the entire game. These illustrations hold the power of telling a brand’s story without using any words.

#7 Creative Navigation

Beautiful, creative, and unusual navigation creates a world of difference to the look of a website. If you want to deliver an extraordinary experience to the website users, try experimenting with navigation. You will definitely end up with the most unique design!

#8 Asymmetrical Layouts

When it comes to unique design ideas, asymmetrical layouts are getting huge attention these days. It is another area where designers can show their creativity and break the monotony of simpler grid designs.

#9 Animations

Animations allow you to be more creative and build lively website designs that gather much-needed attention from the users. You can tell stories using animations, and such an approach can help breed confidence of the website users in a brand.


Always keep up with the trends and use your creativity to impress the customers. It is important to use the right design elements to enhance the look and feel of a website, but always ensure that it is not at the cost of the website’s performance!

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Software Development Industry

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing almost every industry in modern times. The software development industry is also seeing massive impacts of Artificial Intelligence Services. According to a report published by Forbes, 84% of businesses believe that Artificial Intelligence will help them gain a competitive advantage. Another report published by Businesswire shows that 80% of companies and tech leaders accept that AI helps boost productivity and creates new jobs.

The AI programs can help businesses in multiple ways, from outperforming the business rivals, increasing sales, providing instant support via chatbots, and much more. The benefits of AI in Software Services and all other industries are endless, and that’s why 80% of the businesses are smartly investing in Artificial Intelligence, says a report by Teradata.

5 ways AI is helping in the software development process

Simply put, Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive functions, just as human beings. Learning the real-world problems, collecting & comparing raw data, and making data-driven decisions are a few examples of AI. In the computer world, we refer to these AI machines as Bots.

To implement AI in any area, you require massive amounts of data. This data is used in the AI algorithms to recognize different patterns/behaviors, fetch better insights, make accurate predictions, and provide suggestions. These suggestions help take appropriate actions to solve everyday problems and make your business decisions more profitable.

Software design

Planning and designing software projects is an error-prone task because it needs the collaboration of various teams. However, with the help of automated AI-based tools, software development companies can easily streamline the entire process involved in software planning and designing. These AI/ML programs are becoming popular as they save time as well as money. .

Software testing

Every Software Development Company will agree that testing is the most complex task. There are extensive programs that interact with multiple APIs, and testing them can be a difficult task. However, machine-based intelligence has come to their rescue. These AI tools empower these IT companies to create test cases, discover the authenticity of provided information, and map the product’s functionality. AI in software engineering is saving time to perform almost every software testing task automatically.

Fixing the bugs

Locating and fixing software bugs is another complex task in the software engineering domain. AI is augmenting the tasks of fixing bugs. The AI tools can handle large amounts of data and find errors in the blink of an eye.

Smart decision-making

One of the most challenging things for the developers is to decide on the features of the final product. They have to gather insights to find their answers. However, collecting useful data and analyzing it to make decisions can be an overwhelming thing. The AI-based machine learning tools can overcome these issues in a matter of seconds. These programs are empowering the information technology companies to make smart and strategic decisions on a large scale. 

On the last note, AI is not here to replace the work and intelligence of software developers. Undoubtedly, AI in software engineering is here to help the developers to improve accuracy and save some time. Our development teams at 1Touch are always equipped with the right tools which empower them to complete their projects on time.