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Who Are We

We consider ourselves a family of tech enthusiasts rather than an IT company that loves what they do. An increasing amount of data makes it difficult to get insights and extract valuable information from it. 1Touch specializes in empowering businesses to make decisions based on Data. These insights will empower you to better understand your audience and seamlessly target them for more business.This information will further help you set your targets and understand your audience well. We are engineered to give the best solutions and build applications that will be beneficial for both you and your customers. 

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Our mission is to build such applications that are easy for everyone to understand and can be helpful for them in their daily lives. We also aim at rendering a class quality to our clients so that they can shine and build their names.
Our Vision
At present and also in the future, we want to be of help for all kinds of businesses to help design and build applications for their customers based on their needs and goals. 1Touch believes that together you and we can create a digital world that will be helpful for everyone in the community.

How We Work

We are a team of professionals who work hard on a given project to ensure the best outcomes and meet the demands of our customers. Together with their skills and knowledge, the team builds applications that are easy to use and are appealing. We work based on data analysis that gives us the exact picture of what customers demand.

What Makes Us Different

Our passion, values, and dedication towards a given work are what make us different from others. We work together in a team to ensure that we provide the best services to our clients that will ultimately help them grow their business. 

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