Should you look for quality or quantity while making backlinks for SEO?


Have you ever wondered why SEO experts always say that quality backlinks matter more than the quantity? A backlink is placed on a different web page that takes the reader to your website when clicked. These can be found on the characters, picture, or the URL. It means backlinks are the base of SEO. Our Social Media Advertising Services will help bring your website to the top and grab more traffic towards it with the best strategies and plans across all platforms.

Backlinks for users

Backlinks act as a connection between your website and the visitors as they lead the visitors to your website. Therefore, backlinks enhance the number of visitors and to your website

Backlinks for websites

The backlinks are now used to bring more traffic to the website and improve the ranking of a website in the keyword search rankings.

Why do backlinks matter so much?

Search engines have gained much popularity to bring the websites on the top and are a must for all who are looking to perform better. It is essential for any website that it attracts multiple readers towards it for better ranking and business performance. If seen from the perspective of SEO, backlinks determine the popularity of a website. Every time a website links to one of your pages, it means that the site has found them worthy of sharing with its audience. When SEO finds multiple backlinks pointing towards it, SEO concludes that the content is valuable and informative. Thus, the site gets a higher rating on the SERPs.

Quantity backlinks

When backlinks were introduced, websites focused on building multiple backlinks for ranking higher. It was done through blog commenting, footer links, and so on. The more backlinks a website had, the better chances it had to rank on the top. However, it has changed. The SEO now looks for the quality of a backlink than the quantity. It will be awkward if a website gets a hundred inbound links from unrelated sources. The rate at which you acquire links is also as crucial.

Why should the quality of backlinks be preferred?

Earlier, the website focused on linking more and more backlinks to their webpage. It leads to low-quality and non-relevant backlinks. The webpages focused only on raising the number of backlinks for the specific pages. This practice led to a low ranking of websites by using low-quality backlinks. Such backlinks have the risk of causing penalization to the website, leading to the elimination of the website from the search engine result page.

When a website wants to come in the top position, they might prefer raising the number of backlinks that lead to their website. It might not bring them the desired results due to various factors like location, quality, source, etc. Therefore, concentrating on good quality links will attract more people towards your website and turn them into valuable customers.

What describes backlink quality?

Now that we know the importance of quality backlinks to pull in more visitors and boost website ranking, we must also understand the factors that decide whether a backlink is of good quality. The quality of the backlink chooses the result for your website. Just adding several backlinks to different sources will not help you in SEO, but a few good-quality backlinks can do the work. Below are some points that can help to identify quality backlinks.

Location of backlink

The place where the backlink is placed is crucial. It should have a natural location on the page, like in context. Backlinks on the sidebar or footers should be avoided and placed in the right way.

Page relevance

A backlink cannot be placed on any page. Does the page where your website’s link is placed have relevant information as your page or not should be determined closely for the best results. Pages that have appropriate knowledge should be aimed for a better ranking.

Trustworthy sites

It is vital that your backlink is placed on trustworthy sites. A backlink from the untrustworthy sites can lead to negative SEO that can further bring your website down.

Diversity of link

There must be various backlinks from different sources within your backlink profile for good quality. You cannot have all your backlinks placed at one source and expect the website to rank higher.

Professional help to bring your website on top

Are you still confused about the backlinks and are wanting to bring your website to the top? Hire digital marketing consultants from 1Touch who will help you understand the process and the best ways to place your backlinks. Our highly skilled and experienced consultant will help you differentiate between good and bad backlinks and the techniques to work the best way.

iOS 14: The Most Secure Operating System With Advanced Features

What is iOS 14?

iOS is the operating system by Apple that operates on iPhone as well as iPod touch hardware. Apple had announced the 14th iteration of its operating system during its WWDC 2020 keynote. Finally, the much-awaited update has been rolled out by the company. This new update is feature-packed and includes an array of improvements to apps like Siri, Maps, Messages, etc. For Apple, privacy was one of the key concerns, and they have tried their best to make the OS much more secure.

Here is the list of compatible devices:
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
A look at iOS 14 key features
  • Widgets: iOS 14 comes with some extensive updates in widgets. These widgets on the home screen are reimagined to provide an enhanced experience to the users. Now you can select widgets of preferred sizes and arrange them the way you like.
  • Picture-in-Picture: It is also known as PIP video mode, is now available for iPad OS. This mode enables users to multitask while enjoying a video. You can adjust the size of the video player in PIP mode. You can also push the video player to disappear from the screen to continue listening to the audio.
  • Smarter Siri: In this new version of iOS, the Apple team has focused on making Siri way smarter. Now it processes more than 25 billion requests on a monthly basis. Siri can now send audio messages to others via iMessage.
  • Compact design: It comes with a compact user interface that will enable phone-calls and face-calls to take less screen space, allowing you to multitask when attending a call. Even Siri takes minimal space now, letting you do other tasks while interacting with it.
  • App Library: There is a brand new app library view that makes it simple to organize the apps. Declutter your home screen view by using this feature.
  • App Clips: These are an innovative way for iOS users to access and promptly experience what an app has to offer to them. These are small, lightweight, fast, and empower the users to access them. It is an initiative of the Apple team to give a comprehensive experience to the users from an app’s specific parts for specific purposes.
iOS 14 – The most secure OS

In order to tackle privacy issues, Apple has innovated several new ways that offer enhanced security. Let’s have a look at their efforts in this direction:

  • Notifications for the camera and mic access: The new version of this operating system now notifies the users in realtime whenever the mic and camera get accessed by any app. With this new feature, the company has taken the initiative to provide a list of recent apps that accessed the camera or mic.
  • Allow/disallow the apps to connect to the devices on your local network: A few apps like smart TV or apps for other smart devices use your local network (Bluetooth) to discover nearby phone and connect to it. iOS 14 offers a much better way to notify and control those apps.
  • Empowers you to provide access to the specific photo(s): Earlier versions of iOS offered only two options when an app needed access to the photos in your phone – allow or disallow. However, now Apple has come up with an advanced feature that allows you to provide access to one or more photos, and the remaining photos will be off-limits.
  • Improved location access with proximate location option: Apple has come forward with this revolutionary feature of providing access to the proximate location to apps, instead of revealing your precise location. It is a useful option where some general apps need an idea regarding your location.
  • Clipboard access notifications: With iOS 14, you will get notifications whenever any apps access the clipboard. It is a crucial step towards security, as the clipboard may save credentials for banking, cryptocurrency wallets, and other sensitive data.
  • Notifications for compromised passwords: When it comes to privacy, iOS 14 has gone a step further with this feature. iOS now has access to the user passwords that are acknowledged as compromised. The user gets warned based on this list. Apple has stated the use of advanced and smart cryptography behind this technique. They also stated that this database of passwords is secure and doesn’t expose the user’s passwords to Apple.

Enhance your creativity with these website designing trends

Have you noticed how fast the website designing trends have changed in the past few years? 2021 is just around the corner, and are you ready to welcome it with new, exciting, and creative web app designs?

Creative websites are the key to setting businesses apart from their market rivals, so the website designers need to stay updated with these trends to cater to their clients’ needs.

Here we gathered a list of the latest website design trends that will rule in 2021:

#1 Dark Modes

Dark modes come with a bunch of benefits for users, such as no eyestrain, intuitive looks, battery saving, etc. Nowadays, people prefer using dark modes, and most of the time, they use third-party plugins for this purpose. However, you can make it easy for website users by using CSS syntax called prefers-color-scheme to automatically change the website’s theme on the user’s end if they have enabled dark mode setting on their browser.

#2 Responsive Grids

Responsive designs have the potential to create that extraordinary appeal in front of the users. Modern internet users visit websites from various types of devices with different screen sizes. It has become essential to use Responsive Grids so that every element of the design and content fits right into the users’ screen. It is crucial to decide which features/elements need to be displayed on the smaller screens and then make each of that element responsive. That’s why Responsive website design services have become popular these days.

#3 Motion-UI

With motion-UI on a website, you can easily make a web design look different instantly. It is fun, attractive, and can nudge users to take the desired activity on your client’s website. However, we recommend using this feature in a limited manner, as too much of it can turn out to be a mess.

#4 White Space

Do you want to create a simple design without making any mess? If yes, white space can be your best bet. Use white space carefully, and you will be able to add unparalleled value to your website’s visual design. It also empowers the users to understand the content and elements on your web page clearly. If the white space is not used properly, the users can consider multiple elements to be a single entity.

#5 Minimalistic Design

Creative website design is much more than the use of loads of images and style elements. It is a way of attracting user attention so that they take desired actions quickly. Minimalistic web design can help you create a smooth, fast-loading interface for users as it will require very few CSS elements and Javascript.

#6 Illustrations

It does take the perfect blend of quality illustrations and other design elements to take the web design on another level. Digital illustrations, when created with passion and certain themes, can change the entire game. These illustrations hold the power of telling a brand’s story without using any words.

#7 Creative Navigation

Beautiful, creative, and unusual navigation creates a world of difference to the look of a website. If you want to deliver an extraordinary experience to the website users, try experimenting with navigation. You will definitely end up with the most unique design!

#8 Asymmetrical Layouts

When it comes to unique design ideas, asymmetrical layouts are getting huge attention these days. It is another area where designers can show their creativity and break the monotony of simpler grid designs.

#9 Animations

Animations allow you to be more creative and build lively website designs that gather much-needed attention from the users. You can tell stories using animations, and such an approach can help breed confidence of the website users in a brand.


Always keep up with the trends and use your creativity to impress the customers. It is important to use the right design elements to enhance the look and feel of a website, but always ensure that it is not at the cost of the website’s performance!

1Touch Development is a renowned IT company, offering creative Web Design & Development Strategy Services to clients all across the globe. If you would like to hire web design or consultation services, feel free to contact us.