Effects of technology advancement on the businesses and why move forward with it

Can you imagine a world without technology? A world without phones, computers, and the internet. Technology has brought not just the globe together but has a big hand in the growth of businesses. Imagine where communication is also tough without technology, then how difficult it will be to run a business and reach out to the world. Earlier, managing a business was a huge challenge. Looking after each aspect of the business all by yourself can create chaos. The biggest hurdle was to make the audience aware of your existence and gaining customers.

As technology evolved, the functioning of businesses changed dramatically. From handling projects, attracting customers, managing employees, and awaking the audience about your business is now all at your fingertips. Technology has shifted the workload from humans to the devices. It does not mean that it has replaced humans. Instead, it has brushed up their skills and acts as a helping hand in each business aspect.

What changes has technology brought
Communication with your customers

Your clients are an integral part of the business. Without them, there is no growth and success. Advancement in technology has made interaction with clients quick and precise. Email, messages, calls, newsletters, social media, there are several ways to communicate with them. You can send personalized messages and talk about your products and services and updates on them. 

Cutback in costs

Another advantage that technology has brought is a decrease in cost. Automation of tasks has not only sped up the work but also cut down various costs. The hardware and software crucial for business are affordable and easy to use. A back end inventory system that was costly and took lots of time now takes a couple of weeks. 

Improved functionality

Tasks that took hours to complete and had the chances for human error are now done in seconds with the least risk of mistakes that can be easily tracked. Employees are now able to work even outside the office walls. Business meetings over the internet, the ability to work from anywhere, and tracking down the business performance has completely changed the way companies perform.  

Brand awareness

What could be an easy way to promote your brand and reach out to people worldwide? Technology has a solution for everything. Take your brand to the globe just from your office. Reach out to your customers, attract more people, and improve the sales bar. Advertising, campaigning, blogs, and articles will make people about your company’s products and services.  

Accept technology and move ahead with it

Businesses that build a gap between their work and technology can face poor performance and low profitability. In today’s world, where almost everything is dependent on tech, keeping yourself updated and implementing that technology in your business is vital. It is not here to replace humans but to help them. Increased efficiency, knowledge, tracking goals and reports, and saving time and energy are a few benefits of accepting the technology.  

From hiring employees to checking their performance, getting insights into the business, managing customers, you name it, and technology does it all in the best possible way.   

1Touch- Revolutionizing the business work with advanced technology

At 1Touch, we work with the latest technology and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and techniques. Our goal is to make technology affordable for both small and large businesses. We have a handpicked team that are masters in their work. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Analytics, our technology solves each problem for your business and improves its working. 


We work in all industries 

Healthcare, finance, education, retail, marketing, we work in all sectors. Our motive is that technology can reach each business to get the best out of it. One cannot run their business without technology. Hence we want to make sure that everyone gets their hands on the best technology no matter what industry they belong to. 

It will improve their business performance and benefit the customers and the industry as a whole. Better the technology, the better will be the results. It will improve their efficiency and save both their time and energy.   


5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Software Development Industry

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing almost every industry in modern times. The software development industry is also seeing massive impacts of Artificial Intelligence Services. According to a report published by Forbes, 84% of businesses believe that Artificial Intelligence will help them gain a competitive advantage. Another report published by Businesswire shows that 80% of companies and tech leaders accept that AI helps boost productivity and creates new jobs.

The AI programs can help businesses in multiple ways, from outperforming the business rivals, increasing sales, providing instant support via chatbots, and much more. The benefits of AI in Software Services and all other industries are endless, and that’s why 80% of the businesses are smartly investing in Artificial Intelligence, says a report by Teradata.

5 ways AI is helping in the software development process

Simply put, Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive functions, just as human beings. Learning the real-world problems, collecting & comparing raw data, and making data-driven decisions are a few examples of AI. In the computer world, we refer to these AI machines as Bots.

To implement AI in any area, you require massive amounts of data. This data is used in the AI algorithms to recognize different patterns/behaviors, fetch better insights, make accurate predictions, and provide suggestions. These suggestions help take appropriate actions to solve everyday problems and make your business decisions more profitable.

Software design

Planning and designing software projects is an error-prone task because it needs the collaboration of various teams. However, with the help of automated AI-based tools, software development companies can easily streamline the entire process involved in software planning and designing. These AI/ML programs are becoming popular as they save time as well as money. .

Software testing

Every Software Development Company will agree that testing is the most complex task. There are extensive programs that interact with multiple APIs, and testing them can be a difficult task. However, machine-based intelligence has come to their rescue. These AI tools empower these IT companies to create test cases, discover the authenticity of provided information, and map the product’s functionality. AI in software engineering is saving time to perform almost every software testing task automatically.

Fixing the bugs

Locating and fixing software bugs is another complex task in the software engineering domain. AI is augmenting the tasks of fixing bugs. The AI tools can handle large amounts of data and find errors in the blink of an eye.

Smart decision-making

One of the most challenging things for the developers is to decide on the features of the final product. They have to gather insights to find their answers. However, collecting useful data and analyzing it to make decisions can be an overwhelming thing. The AI-based machine learning tools can overcome these issues in a matter of seconds. These programs are empowering the information technology companies to make smart and strategic decisions on a large scale. 

On the last note, AI is not here to replace the work and intelligence of software developers. Undoubtedly, AI in software engineering is here to help the developers to improve accuracy and save some time. Our development teams at 1Touch are always equipped with the right tools which empower them to complete their projects on time.

11 Key Steps To Take When You Have A Mobile App Idea

1. What problems will your application solve?

Do you have a business idea but lack the right direction for it? Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it is thought to be. The world is moving digital, and so should you. An increase in the digital world has proved that the future is going to be digital. It has brought the world close and solved problems that seemed to be complicated. 

You should be crystal clear regarding the problems that your app will solve for others. If it is unable to provide the solutions to your audience’s problems, it will not be a hit for a long time. So, ask these questions to yourself:

  • What will my Mobile App do? 
  • How will my app provide solutions to the audience? 
  • What will be the unique features of my app?

2. Define your target audience

To market your app, you must be aware of your target audience. Who will be interested in it? Do you want to focus on the audience from particular demographics, age groups, gender, or income groups? Define your audience as clearly as possible.

3. Thorough market research

Once you have worked on previously listed aspects, it’s time to get started with the market research. Find out who your top competitors are, make a list of latest trends in the industry, and identify the customer requirements. If there are similar apps already in the market, you will have to do careful research on what features they lack. Find out what their customers want, but they are unable to serve according to those requirements. Add those required features to your own list.

4. Figure out your monetization strategy

If you are creating an app, one of the purposes will be making money from it. So, it is the time to list out the possible options that can help you get monetary benefits after you launch the app. Some of the popular strategies are:

  • In-app ads
  • Sponsorship
  • In-app purchase
  • Paid subscriptions
5. Select a platform for your mobile App

Android and iOS are the two popular platforms for launching your app. Once you have identified which platform your target audience uses, it will be easy for you to make the final decision.

6. Consult the best Mobile App Developers & get the quotes

Once you have all the essential details regarding your mobile app, it is now time to get the quotes for the development services. Find the best Mobile App Development Company that you can trust and get the initial consultation regarding the app idea as well as pricing.

7. Get the App developed and tested

You should choose an appropriate team as per your budget and start building the mobile app. Always ensure that they keep you updated with the progress every week. Also, they should be able to accommodate all of the new requirements that you might come up with during the app building process. Test every delivered module carefully. Also, the team should be able to make the required changes successfully.

8. Plan for the App launch and craft a unique marketing strategy

You should have an appropriate app launch plan. Have some idea about how you are going to brand your app. With the customized icons and symmetry in the style will help you with branding. 

When it comes to marketing, ASO (App Store Optimization) is the key. It is suggested to have some basic knowledge about it or hire the best ASO service provider to make your app appear on top in the stores. 

If you have a low budget to let everyone know about your App launch, you can consider using some of these options:

  • Social networking websites
  • Post about your App on Reddit and Quora
  • Share with your friends through Whatsapp and Email
  • Add the details on ProductHunt
  • Reach out to the bloggers for a free app review on their websites
  • Make a Youtube explainer video
9. Protect your App with copyright, trademark, and patent

If you want to protect your App code, custom images, and content, you should opt for the copyright option. 

If you want to protect your mobile app’s name as well as the logo, get a trademark.

Getting a patent is not easy at all. Only if your App idea is extraordinarily new and inventive, then you can go for it. However, if someone else with a similar App idea has already registered for it, your app will not get a patent.

10. Publish on the App Stores

Now you are all set to launch your app on the stores. Either you can do it on your own or can get help from your App developers.

11. Gain insights regarding the market response and plan accordingly

Once you have some initial user insights, details regarding your app downloads, and market response, you can compare these details. These insights will help you understand the market demand and prepare for the next level. Keep looking at these insights and strategize your app growth accordingly. 

So, these are the crucial steps that everyone with an App idea must follow. If you want to have your Mobile App idea evaluated by professionals, consult our expert team. We will help you find out if your idea is feasible or not. Also, you can hire our professional services to get the app delivered quickly. Team 1Touch always works according to the latest technology standards.

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Be an entrepreneur and lead the digital world!

The future is digital!

Do you have a business idea but lack the right direction for it? Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it is thought to be. The world is moving digital, and so should you. An increase in the digital world has proved that the future is going to be digital. It has brought the world close and solved problems that seemed to be complicated. 

With this, several people come up with different business ideas to lead the market but not all succeed. The businesses that are tech-friendly and solve each problem of their customers can thrive. If you want the right direction for your ideas, 1Touch is the best place for it. So if you have an idea, bring it to us and gain the most from it.

Bring your business idea to life

Do you have an idea for a business and are looking for a reliable company to make your dream come true? Bring your thoughts and ideas to us, and we will turn it into the best product. From building an application to designing a website, creating an online marketplace, we do it all using the groundbreaking technology.

We make sure that we design such a product that can solve all the problems for your customers and helps you meet your business goals. A thorough study of your ideas, thoughts, and competitors helps us build a product that best suits your brand and business goals.

Hands-on the latest technology

Technology is fast-changing, and keeping pace with it is crucial. At 1Tocuh, we update ourselves with the innovation to create top-class products for our customers. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics are some of the technologies that we use in 1Touch.

Our team is trained with the new technology from time to time and studies the customers’ current trends and likings. Our knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art technology make us a leader in the IT world.

Our team-best at their work

At 1Touch. We have handpicked teams who are masters at their job. Our professionals are experienced in building supreme-class products. We work strategically for smooth functioning and to avoid any mistakes and confusion.

Our team starts with understanding your ideas and thoughts that will be transformed into a product. Next, we do in-depth research for your product that brings us to a conclusion about the latest trends and needs for your business. Further, our dedicated team starts to give a shape to the product and keeps in contact with the clients to get their regular updates. After the final approval, the product is finalized and ready to reach its customers.
We also provide full-time support to our clients even after the product is designed to get their hands on it. The products are updated with the latest features from time to time for its best use.

Go digital and skyrocket your business growth

With the easy availability of phones and the internet, everything has moved online. People look for secure solutions without stepping out of the house. From ordering to booking, purchasing, everything has gone digital. 

The studies and stats prove that people believe in the digital world and are gaining fast success in it. Source

  • 55% of startups have adopted a digital business strategy.
  • 39% of executives trust that their companies will get more value from digital transformation initiatives.
  • 44% of companies have already initiated a digital-first approach. 
  • 56% of CEOs say digital improvements have driven a rise in revenue. 

Not just the businessman but also the customers are moving digital. Owning a business in it will only be beneficial if driven by the right direction and technology. 

Computer hacker taking a photo on the phone

Data visualization-the art for business growth

The art of data visualization

Each business needs to make thoughtful decisions based on the data, regardless of its size. Proper data visualization requires technical skills and the ability to represent the data into graphs, charts, and other visual formats to reach a definite conclusion. 

Talking about the businesses, no business can make practical decisions if they do not have sufficient and accurate data. The results of the data collected often influences the working and decisions made in a company. Data has changed the way businesses act and make decisions. 

Eliminate mistakes with the art of data

Without data, how do you know who your consumers are and what products do they like?

It can often be confusing while planning out the next move for your business. Before implementing the strategies, it is essential to know what population you are targeting and what problems you are trying to solve.

Data helps in identifying trends and patterns based on which you can design your goals. With the correct information, you can make sure that you hit the right audience and gain the maximum profit out of it.

Why does data matter so much?

Data is everywhere and is only gaining its importance day by day. It is seen that businesses that use data saw a profit increase of 8-10% and a 10% reduction in overall cost. Source

Finding new customers, increasing customer retention, improving customer service, and predicting sales trends are all possible with the help of data. It can further give you a lead in the market. 83% of enterprise executives say they have pursued big data projects to gain a competitive advantage. Source

1Touch revolutionizing the science of data

At 1Touch, we have a team of professionals who collect, analyze, and represent the data to help further you make the best decisions and strategies for your company growth. Using groundbreaking technology, we make sure that we gather the essential information from the bundles of data. 

Our state-of-the-art technology helps in finding the crux from ever-increasing data to help you skyrocket your business growth. At 1Touch, we have a hand-picked team of data scientists who are best at their work.

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world is quickly turning out to be a widely-used competitive technology. Businesses across the globe are continually using AI to craft better strategies, unlock the real needs of their customer base, and gain competitive advantage. AI is an ultra-modern tool that empowers you to solve day-to-day business challenges. AI is transforming the decision-making process for businesses. Thanks to AI, the companies are now able to make better decisions without struggling with the raw data.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive functions, just as human beings. Learning the real-world problems, collecting & comparing raw data, and making data-driven decisions are a few examples of AI. In the computer world, we refer to these AI machines as Bots.

To implement AI in any area, you require massive amounts of data. This data is used in the AI algorithms to recognize different patterns/behaviors, fetch better insights, make accurate predictions, and provide suggestions. These suggestions help take appropriate actions to solve everyday problems and make your business decisions more profitable.

The Best Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence In Business
Customized experience in e-commerce

According to a report published in financedigest, “AI will power 95% of customer interactions by 2025“. 

Nowadays, the eCommerce industry is widely using automated AI systems, from phone calls, live chats, e-mails to social media interactions. AI is completely transforming how customers initially interact with the eCommerce sites. 

Their bots are perfectly programmed to understand the natural language of the customers and give prompt replies. AI systems can understand customers’ behavior, whether it is about shopping habits, exploring the items, and navigation patterns. AI has the power to personalize the experience of every individual customer that visits your eCommerce store. All this results in higher satisfaction of the customers.

Task Automation

The AI systems can make your back-office operations agile by automating the repetitive day-to-day tasks so that your employees can focus on more productive activities that can help grow your organization. From the clerical tasks, generating and sending invoices, generating and managing several reports to scheduling meetings, everything can be automated with AI. Not only will it save the efforts, but time also!

Quick & Accurate Data Mining

With the advanced cloud-based AI programs, businesses can unearth the useful data bits that are usually unnoticed by human brains. You can utilize the power of AI to quickly find relevant information from the data sets to make agile decisions for your business.

Streamline Marketing Efforts

AI tools are powerful for identifying signals, which are not easily captured by your human sales employees. If you switch to AI-based tools, you can easily target the right audience based on the available data and streamline the marketing efforts, improve customer relationships, and minimize the entire marketing cost.

A Hand Picked Team of Artificial Intelligence Professionals at 1Touch

We hope that you are now well aware of the extraordinary capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in the business sphere. You should make a checklist of the problems that your business might be facing, and you can get the most appropriate Artificial Intelligence Solutions from the team 1Touch. Our team dedicatedly works on state-of-the-art AI technology to bring the most agile and custom solutions for making your business more effective.